Message from the Principal


Attention parents and guardians of students in grades 1 to 5

Good evening parents and guardians of our Nathanael Greene Generals:


I hope this notice finds you well and looking forward to February Vacation next week. I'd like to update you with changes you can expect, starting on March 1, 2021.


As you may know, the school committee has endorsed a return to school for all students. NOTE:  If you indicated in December that you would keep your student in Distance Learning should we return to school in person, then that student is assigned to a distance learning class.


Here is what classes will available at each grade level:

  • One in-person class (English only)
  • One in-person Dual Language class (English and Spanish)
  • One Distance Learning class (English only)


Please note that your student might not have the same teacher as prior to March 1st, if you are opting for Distance Learning. However, it will be a Nathanael Greene Teacher and they are all fabulous!


If your student is currently enrolled in our Dual Language program, his or her options are the Dual Language in-person class or the English Only Distance Learning class. Due to class size restrictions, we may not be able to accommodate all moves from Distance to in-person or from in-person to Distance.  

Very important. Our school hours will go back to last year's hours, starting March 1st. This means that all classes, in-person and distance learning, will start at 8:00 a.m. and dismiss at 2:10 p.m.  


As always, please contact me or Ms. Perry if you have any questions. We both will be on vacation next week but we check our email regularly.

Thank you for your continued support and trust.


Dr. Jacob




  • COZ Afterschool Program Information – SPRING Session, April 5 - June 10, 2021

    COZ Afterschool Program Information – SPRING Session, April 5 - June 10, 2021

                         Información del programa extracurricular de la COZ: sesión de PRIMAVERA, del 5 de abril al 10 de junio de 2021

                         Informações do programa COZ Afterschool - Sessão PRIMAVERA, 5 de abril - 10 de junho de 2021


    The Pawtucket COZ announces its Virtual After School Program for elementary students in grades 1 through 5.  Clubs start on April 5th and will be held on Mondays through Thursdays from 4:00-5:15 PM each of these days. The registration materials are in English, Spanish and Portuguese.  Section 1 is information on the program, Section 2 is the Club Descriptions and Section 3 is the Registration form. The program is up to 4 days per week, but we have you select up to 5 choices for clubs to attend so we are able to work out the schedule. There is no charge for this program.  Click this link for additional information and the registration form:


    El Pawtucket COZ anuncia su Programa Virtual After School para estudiantes de primaria en los grados 1 a 5 (y Varieur Grade 6). Los clubes comienzan el 5 de abril y se llevarán a cabo de lunes a jueves de 4: 00-5: 15 PM cada uno de estos días. Los materiales de registro están en inglés, español y portugués. La sección 1 es información sobre el programa, la sección 2 es la descripción del club y la sección 3 es el formulario de registro. El programa es de hasta 4 días a la semana, pero le pedimos que seleccione hasta 5 opciones para que los clubes asistan para que podamos establecer el horario. No hay ningún cargo para este programa. Haga clic en este enlace para obtener información adicional y el formulario de registro:

     O Pawtucket COZ anuncia seu Programa Virtual Depois da Escola para alunos do ensino fundamental da 1ª à 5ª série (e Varieur da 6ª série). Os clubes começam em 5 de abril e serão realizados de segunda a quinta-feira, das 16h às 17h15 cada um desses dias. Os materiais de inscrição estão em inglês, espanhol e português. A seção 1 contém informações sobre o programa, a seção 2 contém as descrições do clube e a seção 3 contém o formulário de inscrição. O programa é de até 4 dias por semana, mas pedimos que você selecione até 5 opções para os clubes participarem, para que possamos definir o cronograma. Não há cobrança para este programa. Clique neste link para obter informações adicionais e o formulário de registro:

  • Clothes to Kids RI
    Students in need of clothing?
    We can help!
    Clothes to Kids RI.      401-941-8050      Website:
    As always we are open for business and happy to help your students with much needed clothing. Although some students are only in school a short period of time, as you know, they still grow and need to be properly dressed. In our shop, students are able to choose their own clothing that suits their personality - FREE OF CHARGE!

    Our store is socially distanced and COVID safe! All shopping is done by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

    We are currently at a slow time, so make sure to refer your students by emailing[email protected]orgwith the client's name and phone number. There are eligibility guidelines below, however, you know your students and who is in need. We will reach out to the family, but they should also contact us during store hours to schedule an appointment.

    Due to the generosity of the Rhode Island Foundation, we have a bilingual employee.
  • Attention Greene Families! Important ReOpening RI Message!

    CLICK HERE FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION, in different languages, explaining REOPENING RI which lists symptoms, rules to remember, to help keep everyone safe as we reopen.



Here's What's Happening at Greene

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Greene Info

The following is a list of items of which each family in our school community should be aware: 

1.     Arrival Time and Procedure: School begins officially at 8:00 a.m. each morning. When the first bell rings at 7:50 a.m., students report to their door and are allowed to proceeed to their classrooms. PLEASE DO NOT SEND your student(s) to school prior to 7:50 a.m. as there is no supervision until that time.  School doors open at 7:50am.  Free breakfast is provided to all students in their classrooms at the start of the day.

2.    Dismissal: The school day ends at 2:10 p.m.  All students are expected to be picked up at 2:10 p.m. For students who are walking home, we ask that they go immediately home following the school day. 

3.    Visits to school: No visitors are currently allowed in the building due to COVID protocols.  If you wish a conference with a teacher, kindly call the school at 729-6260 or contact the individual teacher to make an appointment for a virtual or phone meeting.

4.    Early dismissal: If you wish to have your child(ren) dismissed early, please write a note to your child’s teacher stating the time of dismissal.  You must pick up your child(ren) in the main office. No child will be excused from school early unless an adult signs out for him/her in the main office. Please try to schedule medical appointments before or after school.   A PHOTO ID IS REQUIRED TO DISMISS A STUDENT.  NO STUDENT WILL  be DISMISSED WITHOUT PROPER IDENTIFICATION. No exceptions.

5.    Excuses: When a child has been absent from school or arrives late (after 8 a.m.) he/she must report to the main office with a note.

6.    Dogs: By Pawtucket City Ordinance there are to be NO dogs on school property.

7.  Emergency information: Please be sure that essential information such as telephone numbers and addresses are kept up to date at all times.  Kindly inform the office of any changes which should be made in the event that we need to contact you at home or work.